Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission

Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission

The City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission serves as a citizen advisory panel to the Mayor and Council. The Commission's role is to make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding: recreational activities and park facilities within the City; operations and maintenance policy and procedures; user fees; park development; and park name changes.

Each member of the Mayor and Council appoints one member to the Commission. Commissioner terms are coterminous with the terms of the Mayor and City Council member who appointed them, or until their successor is appointed. Commissioners may serve a maximum of 8 years. The Commission conducts one regular meeting per month and does not meet during the months of June, July and August.

Commission Members

Mayor’s Appointment

Si Schorr

Ward 1

Andrea Altamirano

Ward 2

Caroline Grey-Ganz

Ward 3

Michelle Crow

Ward 4

Kendall Kroesen

Ward 5

Willie Blake

Ward 6

Bob Kovitz


If you have a comment or question for one of the Parks Commissioners, you may submit an e-mail to ParksCommission@tucsonaz.gov or call 520-837-8016.