Leisure Classes and Opportunities

Tucson Parks and Recreation has a variety of leisure classes and opportunities for your personalized interests. Pottery, health and fitness, motor development for children, walking, swimming, and a wide selection of indoor and outdoor recreation activities available for Tucsonans of all ages and abilities.

Our facilities also make great locations for corporate or social functions.

A Discount Program is available for select programs and passes.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Leisure Classes

Adaptive aquatics pool

Adaptive Aquatics

  • Rehabilitate under-used or healing muscles
  • Soothes the mind and body

Kids and instructor in swimming pool


  • Swimming - a skill for life
  • A sport that is safe for all ages, at all fitness levels

Arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

  • Improve coordination and manual dexterity
  • A constructive way to express thoughts



  • Develop new skills and pursue various forms of artistic expression
  • Social interaction



  • Contributes to high self-esteem and positive outlook
  • Gain flexibility, strength and endurance

young artist

Drawing and Painting

  • Excellent source of relaxation and physical therapy
  • Gain self-esteem and confidence



  • Become physically active, stay fit and healthy
  • Build a range of motor and coordination skills, and develop a good sense of body awareness

fitness class

Health and Fitness

  • Improves your mood and boosts your energy level
  • Helps manage weight and combat diseases



  • Enhance creative thinking
  • Improve dexterity, focus and concentration

Jr. staff

Junior Staff in Training

  • Improve leadership skills and build self esteem
  • Gain skills for future employement

(Fall and Summer)



  • After school recreation program for ages 5 - 11
  • Establish good friendships

(Fall and Summer)

motor development

Motor Development

  • Help stimulate movement through songs and music
  • Develop their fine and gross motor skills as they learn about the world around them

boy playing piano


  • Learn discipline and paitence
  • Communicate your emotions and relieve stress

budding photographer


  • Learn the technical features of digital and film cameras and the effects of lighting
  • You will realize key creative ideas that can be put to use

making pottery


  • Forget all distractions, pressures and problems in day-to-day life and relieve stress
  • Share quality time with family and friends while creating art

young tennis players

Sports Camps

  • Learn the three "Ps"... practice, patience, and persistence
  • Improve social skills while staying active


teaching t-ball

Sports Classes

  • Enjoy learning about different sports while making friends
  • Strengthen your mind and body, build confidence, and enhance self-esteem



  • Build self confidence and develop public speaking skills
  • Discover how creativity can help open up your mind

therapy with basketball

Therapeutic Programs

  • Increase independence for making choices
  • Increase friendships with peers with and without disabilities.

teen girls

Youth/Teen Programs

  • Learn life skills, social interaction and educational enhancement
  • Enjoy field trips, sports, cooking and community service projects

Leisure Opportunities

track meet

Adult Sports Leagues

  • Join one of the many teams in a friendly competition and get a great workout

handball/raquetball court


  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Raquetball
  • Tennis
  • Vollyball


Golf Courses

  • Enjoy a strategic round of golf at one of our five City golf courses

off-leash dogs and ball

Off-Leash Dog Areas

  • You and your dog can enjoy one of our seven free dog parks

pond and fountain in Ft. Lowell Park


  • For parties, picnics or just a stroll in the park, visit one of our over 100 City parks

rose garden

Rose Garden

  • 101 ways to experience roses


Skate Parks

  • Catch some air at one of our three skate parks

young basketballer

Sunset Hoops

  • Basketball for teens

public swimming pool

Swimming Pools

  • Learn to swim with Amercan Red Cross certified instructors

urban fishermen

Urban Fishing (pdf)

  • Kennedy
  • Lakeside
  • Silverbell

indoor walking track

Walking Indoor Track

  • Clements Fitness Center
  • El Pueblo Activity Center
  • Udall Center

outdoor walking path

Walking Outdoor Path

  • Archer Center
  • Cherry Ave. Center
  • David Bell at Reid Park
  • Quincie Douglas Center
  • Udall Park

Julian Wash pathway

Walking River/Linear Parks

  • Julian Wash
  • Pantano Wash
    • Tanqe Verde to Speedway
    • Kenyon to Michael Perry Park
  • Santa Cruz River Walk

befriending a giraffe


  • Explore naturalistic habitats housing hundreds of exotic animals